About Morestone

Designing and delivering outstanding results that last is at the heart of what we do.

Morestone Construction Group works with a range of clients from councils and private owners, to agricultural and industrial developers in the Central West region of NSW and beyond to deliver construction solutions that last a lifetime. With the highest care and consideration given to Australian standards and measurable results, our construction solutions are first in their class.

Our experience ensures that both the design and construction of important projects such as warehouses, industrial buildings, council facilities, retaining walls and civil projects are developed with structural integrity and visual appeal.

If you require more information, please contact us on 1300 69 69 57 or by completing our online enquiry form to find out how we can help you.

Led by Experience

Morestone Group’s Founder and Managing Director Terry Morton specialises in commercial construction and retaining walls. Terry and his team have grown their expertise to include civil excavation and landscaping projects. Terry is a seasoned project manager that cares about completing projects on time and on budget. 

Prior to founding Morestone Construction Group, Terry honed his leadership skills in the field as a Project Manager at a commercial construction company, who specialised in the delivery of engineered structural solutions for industrial, commercial and agricultural clients.

Project Management

Leveraging our specialisation in commercial construction and Morton’s nearly two decades of hands-on experience as a Project Manager in the construction industry, Morestone Construction Group offers packaged solutions with grouped services to include end to end project management. The Morestone team is excited to deliver a consummate project management service to local councils and property developers, as well as for other small, medium and large public and private organisations.

At Morestone Construction Group we understand the critical path project management (CPM) methodology. We employ the CPM modelling technique to most effectively manage time, budget and safety in the delivery of projects. CPM ensures that we deliver utmost efficiency for our clients on every project.

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