Retaining & Noise Walls

Panel Retaining Walls

Morestone Construction Group specialises in the constructing of retaining walls. Our most popular system is the ‘King Post’ style retaining system. This is where structural steel columns are concreted in the ground vertically and pre-cast concrete panels or concrete sleepers are inserted in between the column flanges. Another option we offer is the concealed post design, providing an alternative appearance. All methods of retaining are fast and efficient to install.

Our precast panels are engineered and manufactured in-house, designed to be easily handled and installed by excavator or crane. Panel sizes/dimensions are customised to suit your specific requirements.

Why Choose Precast Walls?

Durable and long lasting

Precast panels are reinforced with galvanised steel and set with a specialised cement mix.

Resistant surface

The low maintenance nature of the panels means that no regular painting or protection treatments are required in order to maintain its aesthetic and appearance.

Rapid installation

With all panels being premade off-site, installation can occur in a very short time frame.

Easy to reconfigure

Precast concrete panels are made to order, so any style, size and configuration can be constructed for your project.

Sleeper Retaining Walls

Sleeper retaining walls are a popular choice for retaining walls. A choice of timber or concrete sleeps makes this a versatile structural landscaping option that is sturdy, reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Choose Sleeper Retaining Walls?

Rapid installation

Sleepers come pre-made and ready for installation making this a quick and easy process.


Make your retaining wall a feature with concrete, a trending material in landscape designs.


A strong choice for boundary walls and in tight spaces due to the structural integrity of the sleepers.

Noise Walls

Morestone Construction Group offers state-of-the-art noise wall construction, noise barrier features and civil services to Australia’s construction industries. Noise walls, also known as sound barriers or acoustic fences, are a suitable option for those looking to reduce surround sound. Morestone Construction Group differs from the rest in that we combine noise barrier solutions with retaining walls or landscaping for the highest quality results. 

We take all elements of noise reduction, safety and aesthetics into consideration when working on a project. With the highest care and consideration given to Australian standards and measurable results, our noise wall and sound barrier solutions are first in their class.

L-Shape Blocks

L- shaped concrete blocks are the most versatile product available due to their innovative design. Comes in clean and highly durable modular panels that can be custom-designed and constructed to fit your specific needs.

Why Choose L-Shape Blocks?

Quick and easy installation

L-blocks are easy to install. With a prepared sub-base, the L-blocks are lifted into position using a crane or suitable excavator and bolted off at the back with fish plates

Neat Design

They have pleasing aesthetics with a neat design and smooth finish.

Highly Durable

L- blocks are extremely hard wearing thanks to the highly durable precast concrete.

Retaining Wall Kits

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to build your own retaining wall? We can supply kits with all necessary components.

 Available componentry:

  • Beam columns/posts either raw steel, galvanised or painted as per your requirement.
  • Concrete panels made to your requirements including tapered panels either plain or pattern featured.
  • Concrete sleepers either plain or featured.
  • Timber sleepers.
  • Drainage ag-line.
  • Geotech fabric.
  • Water proofing barrier compound if required.
  •          Engineering to support your council application.

Case Study

Putta Bucca Sports Field | Mid-Western Regional Council 

Project Requirements

Mid-Western Regional Council require a level area for a sports training complex. The project area has hard rock ground conditions that prevented pier and post retaining wall installation. Therefore, an ‘L-Block’ system was required to overcome the ground condition challenges. 


Morestone Solution

Morestone was engaged by Mid-Western Regional Council to prepare the footing area for the L- Block wall system by levelling and compacting the footing material to meet construction specifications. Morestone also worked with a crane company to ensure the L-Blocks were correctly positioned. 

As shown in the photos, Morestone’s construction of Stage 1 was successful and ready for backfilling to the L- Block wall. 

Specific work completed by Morestone included: 

  • Preparation of footings.
  • Coordinating placement of L – Block panels.
  • Sealing of joints.
  • Installation of drainage line.
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